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Protect your business from spam, malware, phishing & ransomware with AI-powered email security and spam detection of over 99.99%.

Stop spam emails, phishing & ransomware attacks efficiently

When it comes to the security of your e-mail communication, you should not make any compromises. An efficient email security solution is one of the most important security aspects for companies. With eXpurgate.Cloud, you can reliably protect your sensitive data against spam & malware as well as sophisticated phishing & ransomware attacks. Stop these threats in the shortest possible time. Our unique detection and response capability enables us to deliver emails quickly and securely.

eXpurgate scans more than
1. billion emails daily!
As an eXpurgate customer, you benefit from this data and knowledge gained from global email traffic and are effectively protected against spam and advanced threats

All important information at a glance with the eXpurgate.cloud dashboard - email Security

All important information at a glance with the eXpurgate.cloud dashboard

Reliable protection for your email infrastructure

Spam, phishing and malware are daily threats to companies. As the number one means of communication for business correspondence, emails are still the most popular target for cyber criminals. Reliable protection of your e-mail communication is therefore essential.

With our eMail Security eXpurgate.Cloud, the dataglobal Group offers an email security solution with a spam detection rate of over 99.99% and a detection rate of 1 billion (!) emails per day.
detection rate of 1 billion (!) e-mails per day
offers a level of security for companies that is hard to match.

Detailed inbound and outbound statistics with eXpurgate Cloud - eMail Security

Detailed inbound and outbound statistics

Granular e-mail filtering policies with eXpurgate.Cloud eMail Security

Granular e-mail filtering policies

Intelligent DDoS infrastructure protection

DDoS attacks on your infrastructure are intercepted by eXpurgate.Cloud before they reach your e-mail infrastructure. Our email security engine ensures that your known communication partners are not affected by this and that these emails continue to be delivered. Unknown mail servers are automatically blocked temporarily in the event of DDoS attacks in order to quickly reduce the load. This ensures that your desired communication functions smoothly and is not delayed in the event of attacks.

Intelligence Hub

All data and information collected by eXpurgate flows together centrally in the Intelligence Hub. The data is enriched, continuously analyzed in real time and evaluated accordingly. Benefit from this data and knowledge gained from worldwide e-mail traffic. Thanks to the Intelligence Hub, eXpurgate guarantees unrivaled detection performance.

How eXpurgate.Cloud protects against spam, phishing & ransomware

Spam filter

Free yourself and your employees from time-consuming and annoying spam emails and concentrate on the essentials: Your business. With almost perfect detection rates of over 99.99% and zero false positives(tm), eXpurgate.Cloud offers efficient protection against all types of spam emails.

Malware filter

You are on the safe side with our malware filter. Emails are extracted into individual components by the malware filter. In the “Intelligence Hub”, attachments and their meta-information are analyzed and evaluated using various multi-stage test procedures. The malware filter offers comprehensive protection for malware currently in circulation.

Virus Scan

The eXpurgate.cloud virus scan completes the malware filter. This is an additional, continuously updated signature-based virus detection to ensure the best possible protection against dangerous email attachments. The virus scanner is used both “inbound”, i.e. for incoming emails, and “outbound”, i.e. for outgoing emails.

Recipient Validation

With active recipient validation, you can further increase the protection of your e-mail infrastructure and minimize e-mail traffic in your company. E-mails to unknown employees are rejected as soon as they are posted. Recipient Validation therefore only accepts emails that are sent to existing recipients. Emails to non-existent recipients are usually unwanted or even dangerous. Once configured and in conjunction with Active Directory synchronization, you are on the safe side.

AI-supported detection

Efficient detection at the highest level: Our email security is continuously being developed and with eXpurgate.Cloud’s AI-supported detection, unwanted emails are also detected and classified with the highest precision. To ensure continuous high-end detection, the algorithms are continuously trained and optimized with new analysis data.

E-mail quarantine

E-mails can be securely stored temporarily in the quarantine without being delivered directly to the recipient’s inbox. This temporary caching allows administrators or end users to check the email manually and “approve” it if necessary. In this case, delivery to the actual recipient takes place immediately. A configurable quarantine report also makes it possible to keep track of which emails have been quarantined.

Downstream detection ("Flow Control")

If an email is “very suspicious”, it is held back for a few minutes by the Flow Control feature and continuously analyzed until a clear classification of the email can be made. Flow Control increases the detection performance for newly occurring sapm waves.

Optional TLS constraint for sender & receiver

For particularly sensitive content, we offer the option of enforced TLS transport encryption. This prevents the contents from being “read” during transportation.

Newsletter filter

The filter differentiates between different types of newsletters. While consciously subscribed newsletters are desired and should be delivered to the recipient, unsolicited newsletters can be rejected directly. The handling of unsolicited newsletters can be configured individually.

Advanced Threat Protection – email security with advanced threat protection

Phishing filter

Protect your company and your employees from classic phishing attacks and the associated leakage of sensitive data. The phishing filter identifies attacks and fends them off before they become a threat. This reduces the risk of falling victim to a phishing attack to a minimum.

Quishing filter

Cyber criminals are constantly developing new methods to gain access to sensitive data. Conversely, this means that we have to constantly adapt our email security solution. One example is quishing.

As with phishing, quishing aims to steal sensitive company data. With quishing, however, a QR code is placed in the e-mail instead of a conventional link. This is not recognizable as a phishing link at first glance. Once scanned with the smartphone, the fraudsters can obtain sensitive data or malware is downloaded directly onto the smartphone. With the various ATP technologies, eXpurgate.Cloud also reliably protects you against this threat.

Malware Outbreak Protection

Every second counts in malware outbreaks. Through our comprehensive view of global email traffic and with the help of the “Intelligence Hub”, eXpurgate.Cloud detects malware outbreaks based on their distribution patterns. Malware attacks are often not immediately detected by established antivirus solutions. With Malware Outbreak Protection, you can close this gap and increase your security.

Attachment Filter

The attachment filter allows you to specify which types of e-mail attachments you want to allow in your company. Not only the file extension but also the content of the file is checked and compared with the file extension.

SPF/ DKIM Validation

Make sure that your communication partner really is who they say they are. SPF / DKIM validation serves to authenticate the sender and ensures that the content of an email is not manipulated on its way from the sender to the recipient.

Outbound e-mail protection

Also ensure the integrity of your company’s outgoing e-mail traffic. Have outgoing emails scanned for spam and malware to detect anomalies in your corporate network at an early stage and take appropriate action.

Backscatter protection / BATV validation

With Backscatter Protection, you can block irrelevant undeliverable notifications and other Delivery Status Notifications (DSN) and protect your infrastructure: with Bounce Address Tag Validation (BATV), you only receive genuine undeliverable notifications.

BEC / CEO Fraud Protection

With BEC (Business Email Compromise), also known as CEO fraud, fraudsters pretend to be the manager of your own company. With an urgent request to an employee, they try to obtain sensitive information. Those affected are often urged to make short-term and urgent money transfers. eXpurgate.Cloud recognizes Business Email Compromise and protects your company from these sophisticated and individual attacks.

eMail Security made in Germany. Further advantages of eXpurgate.Cloud

Configurable policies for groups and users

Different policies can be configured for different users and groups for handling wanted and unwanted emails.

Data centers in Germany

Our email security solution eXpurgate.Cloud is operated exclusively in two redundantly designed data centers in Germany. The guaranteed availability of the service is more than 99.9%.

Real-time logging and reporting

Logging and reporting in real time is essential in the field of email security – nothing remains undetected. All information is available at any time to track the progress of an e-mail.

Compatible with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace

The e-mail security solutions and e-mail clients from large service providers, such as Microsoft have vulnerabilities that can be fixed by upstream email security cloud services. eXpurgate.Cloud is fully compatible with other email services such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google Business.

Active Directory Integration

In addition to manually creating recipients, it is also possible to synchronize users and groups directly with eXpurgate.Cloud using Active Directory synchronization.

Simple initial setup & minimal administration effort

The initial setup is extremely simple and usually takes less than an hour: Swipe MS-Record, set up, and your company is protected with our email security. Ongoing administration is not necessary thanks to automatic updates.

Use/ provision of APIs/ various interfaces

In addition to the web-based user interface, further APIs are available for making configuration settings or integrating reporting data into your own systems (e.g. SIEM, eXplainID).

Temporary e-mail storage in the event of server failure

If your e-mail infrastructure is unavailable, eXpurgate.Cloud stores e-mails temporarily for a few days. E-mails sent to you are therefore not lost.

Configuration via web interface

eXpurgate.Cloud is configured via a modern and convenient web-based user interface.

Statistics and reports

Keep an eye on your email security: The eXpurgate.Cloud web interface allows you to view meaningful statistics on current and past e-mail traffic.

Request a quote now: eMail Security eXpurgate.Cloud

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