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digital file management

Simplify and speed up your document management with digital file management from the dataglobal Group

Digital file management simplifies document management

Files determine a large part of our day-to-day work. However, the traditional paper file is increasingly being replaced by digital file management. The reason: The e-file is much more efficient to use and easier to search. Overall, it simplifies, accelerates and optimizes the
document management
in your company.

The optimal solution for digital file management

Whether personnel files, customer files, supplier files, project files, order files or contract files: Convenient and efficient management of these documents, which are extremely important for all companies, can now only be achieved with the help of electronic systems for digital file management.

Trust the test winner:
The dataglobal Group’s solution is the test winner of the BARC study on e-files, which confirms the outstanding suitability of our software for digital file management in companies.

Your benefits with the dataglobal Group’s e-file

Simple creation of digital files, e.g. personnel or contract files

Flexible access to all your files, even on the move

Quick and targeted information research

Automatic data storage

Legally compliant archiving

Protection against unauthorized access through dynamic rights concept

Manage digital files easily via Windows Explorer

Test winner in the BARC study on e-files

Functions of the e-file

Individual views of digital files

The introduction of digital file management allows you to create your own views of digital files and the documents and information they contain without changing the actual file structure. Your digital files can be displayed on the screen in exactly the way that is best for your work.

Fast access to digital files

Benefit from fast access to digital files and the information stored in them. Inquiries, e.g. from customers or suppliers, can be answered without delay

Audit-proof archiving of digital files

The e-file guarantees compliance with legal, tax and financial regulations that apply to the storage of business-related documents at all times and also ensures that the data cannot be changed.

Data protection compliant according to EU GDPR

All file-related administrative processes with the dataglobal Group’s e-file naturally comply with the legal data protection requirements of the EU GDPR.

Seamless integration into Microsoft Office

The e-file can be integrated into your company’s existing IT infrastructure without any further programming effort. This is particularly important if company-specific software is already being used to generate and store business-relevant information, e.g. ERP systems.

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