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BANF becomes eBANF: Your software for digital purchase requisitions

In today’s business world, it is more important than ever for companies to organize their business processes efficiently in order to remain competitive. The procurement process (or purchasing process) in particular offers scope for efficiency gains – a digital solution for requisitioning is a key factor here.

From now on, avoid uncoordinated processes, long processing times and a lack of cost transparency and rely on digital purchase requisitions. Find out all about the eBANF from dataglobal Group.

eBanf - Digital purchase requisition

Process optimizer in purchasing: The eBANF from dataglobal Group

Digital instead of paper chaos: eBANF from dataglobal Group provides you with a software solution for the efficient electronic recording and management of your purchase requisitions. “BANF” stands for the purchase requisition, “eBANF” for the electronic version. Overall, eBANF makes an important contribution to optimizing and increasing the efficiency of the procurement process in your company by digitizing and automating the entire process, making it transparent and supporting compliance with guidelines.

With the dataglobal Group software

  • to make your entries easier,
  • get all the information you need at the click of a mouse
  • and view the status of your requirements at any time.

Thanks to the configurable user steps, you can easily adapt the software solution to your individual requirements.

Advantages of the digital purchase requisition (eBANF)

Fully digitalized processes

Fast search and archiving

Digital workflows

Relief for employees

Full transparency in purchasing

Mobile access

Error reduction

Audit-proof archiving & ensuring compliance

Fully digitalized processes

No more paper chaos – everything is digital, clearly laid out and available at all times.

Fast search and archiving

Thanks to eBANF, the tedious search for documents and manual archiving are a thing of the past. Requirement messages can be found and called up in seconds.

Digital workflows

Efficient processing thanks to digital workflows. Automation eliminates a large proportion of the tasks that would otherwise have to be carried out manually.

Relief for employees

Less manual work in processing a purchase requisition means more time for the essential tasks.

Full transparency in purchasing

Everyone involved maintains an overview at all times and has access to the required documents – depending on their authorization.

Mobile access

Processing of requests, at any time and from any location. Simply via smartphone, tablet or notebook.

Error reduction

Reduction of error sources through automated workflows. Typing or calculation errors with manual entries are a thing of the past.

Audit-proof archiving & ensuring compliance

requirement in the legally compliant storage of business-related documents (contracts, invoices, correspondence, etc.) more easily.

Support in complying with internal guidelines and legal requirements.

dataglobal Group - Infographic - eBANF - Requisition

Digital workflows: Not just digital, but also automated

Repetitive tasks, which usually occur as part of daily work processes, are predestined to be mapped digitally and automatically, as they always run through the same steps and instances.

A perfect example of this is the requisition process: from the creation of a requisition number and a document to document the requisition, to the sending of e-mails to inform those involved of successful or unsuccessful requisitions, the entire work process always follows a similar sequence.

With the digital workflow, you can increase efficiency in the creation of purchase requisitions and noticeably reduce the workload on your employees. You also reduce the susceptibility to errors, as the work steps are no longer carried out manually.

Transparent processes & clear structures with eBANF

With electronic requisitioning, you benefit from clear processes and a structured way of working. Every department involved always has access to the current status of a purchase requisition: from approval to existing quotations and order releases. eBANF combines all this information and allows you to keep an overview at the same time – even from your smartphone or tablet, regardless of time and place.

Contract management software / contract administration - dataglobal Group

All forms and functions contain

The dataglobal Group software contains all the forms and functions you need for digital purchase requisitions (forms for recording, procurement, etc.). Also included are the requirement documents for filing and indexing in your document management system.

Contract management software / contract administration - dataglobal Group
dataglobal Group - Icon Workflow Management

Adaptability and assistance from smart robots

The eBANF solution offers many possibilities for optional customizations. This helps you to tailor the process perfectly to your requirements.

The practical Smart Robots are included in the scope of delivery to help you with customization. With their help, you can quickly and independently model the desired components without in-depth programming knowledge.

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