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business process management

The dataglobal Group has the right solution to digitize your business processes. With Business Process Management, you can model and optimize your end-to-end business processes.

Digitize and automate work processes

With Business Process Management, you use a software solution with which you can digitize – model, edit and execute – all company-relevant processes. By automating your business processes, you significantly reduce throughput times and cut your costs.

Generate, execute and optimize business processes

Business Process Management (BPM ) is the state-of-the-art solution for business process management using so-called workflows. For example, you can easily

  • Approve vacation days,
  • Edit invoices,
  • Define project processes,
  • Adhere to tight deadlines
  • or link documents to business processes in general.

The BPM software allows you to design, edit and control workflows easily and flexibly. This allows company-specific processes that run according to fixed rules to be fully automated. It doesn’t matter whether you are “only” managing a simple process with a short runtime or complex process structures with numerous people involved. It also doesn’t matter what type of business process you want to automate.

Your benefits with BPM from the dataglobal Group

Simple modeling, execution and control of digital business processes

Time savings due to significantly reduced throughput times

Reduced costs due to shorter processing times

Flexibly adaptable processes

Graphic designer and form generator

Universal, individual and versatile

The degree of automation is crucial

By using electronic workflows, you can already achieve a very high degree of automation, depending on the area of the company. This is because the business processes, once they have been defined, can be used again and again and do not have to be created individually for each process. Once the process steps have been defined, approved and known within the company, you also work with a significantly reduced error rate, as each individual step has been defined and tested in advance.

Efficient process design and implementation

With the BPM Designer, you can plan and describe recurring processes on the basis of an easy-to-use graphical program interface. The graphic designer supports you in implementing your workflows from the beginning to the end of a process.

You receive support with workflow design from Smart Robots. These are available to you for automating server-side tasks, such as sending emails, exchanging data with third-party applications such as CRM, ERP and HR systems or for post-indexing documents.

This saves you valuable time in workflow design and also minimizes the usual testing and implementation effort. There are virtually no limits in terms of application purposes.

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