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Rare Diseases Run 2024: Running together for a good cause!

The dataglobal Group took part in this year’s charity run for Rare Diseases Day on February 29, the Rare Diseases Run: Numerous colleagues ran in neon-colored T-shirts at the Berlin, Bochum and Heilbronn locations as well as from the home office. Together we collected kilometers for the support of people with rare diseases.

This is what the Rare Diseases Run is all about

The Rare Diseases Run is a fundraising run that aims to raise awareness of rare diseases and raise money for organizations working in this field. The occasion is the annual Rare Disease Day, which this year fell on an equally “rare” date of February 29 in the leap year 2024.

The charity run entered its third round this year. In 2023, almost 5,000 runners raised almost €50,000 in donations for 30 organizations. A great result and cause for a great media response. This year, the organizers were expecting an even higher number of participants. The dataglobal Group also took part in the charity run.

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Impressions of the dataglobal Group run

As this was a virtual run, participants were able to choose which route they wanted to run. Colleagues who were working from home that day were also able to take part from home without any problems.

Those who met up in groups at the locations in Berlin, Heilbronn and Bochum used the collective power for the run. The most common distance was 5 km – but some of our top athletes also managed 10 km or even 15 km.

Nevertheless, the focus was of course not on individual performance, but on the collective feeling of making a positive difference and raising money for a cause that deserves more support and attention.

We are already looking forward to participating next year!


Photos from the charity run

Rare Diseases Run
Rare Diseases Run 2

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