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IT security for SMEs: dg Group publishes free e-book

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The dataglobal Group publishes the official dg Group guide on IT security for SMEs. Find out everything you need to know about the current state of IT security in SMEs, cyber threats and the measures you can take to counter them successfully.

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IT security affects every company

Digitalization presents companies with both opportunities and challenges. One of these challenges is the growing risk of cybercrime associated with advancing digitalization – and this affects not only corporations, but increasingly also SMEs. The crux of the matter is that although SMEs have very similar security requirements to large companies, they are generally more susceptible to attacks.


What you can expect in the e-book “IT security for SMEs”

The guide provides a compact overview of IT security for SMEs. The focus is on the areas of cybersecurity, in particular email security, and data security, which are essential components of IT security. You will also learn about measures for a successful IT security strategy that you can implement in your company.

The contents at a glance

  • The current state of IT security in SMEs
  • Specific challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • What is cybersecurity and data security? Why is this important?
  • How do you protect your email communication from cyber attacks?
  • How do you protect your business data from unauthorized access?
  • Which software solutions are required?
  • Steps for developing an IT security strategy

Download e-book now

Download the free e-book now. Find out everything SMEs need to know about IT security. The eBook is part of the official dataglobal Group Guide series, which is published regularly.


IT security for SMEs

Text excerpt: “What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity encompasses a variety of measures and practices aimed at protecting your company’s computer systems, networks and data. The aim is to prevent unauthorized access, theft and damage as effectively as possible. In view of the increasing digitalization of the workplace, cybersecurity should be a central component of your IT strategy.

In an increasingly digital and networked business world, cybersecurity is becoming ever more important as the number of cyberattacks also increases. The topic is therefore becoming increasingly important in all areas of the economy, in institutions, infrastructure facilities and even in the private sector. With growing networking through cloud solutions, working from home and digitalization measures, there are more and more potential gateways for hackers, which also increases the costs caused by cyber attacks.

The implementation of cybersecurity goes beyond purely technical solutions. Access control and monitoring technologies are important, but not sufficient on their own. It is just as important to take the human factor into account. Regular training and sensitization of employees are necessary to ensure that they act in a security-conscious manner and do not allow vulnerabilities to arise.

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