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DMS-Guide: Free e-book on digital document management

The official dataglobal Group guide to digital document management: everything about functions, benefits, software and the right DMS provider. The integrated implementation tips will help you with the implementation in your company.

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Why digital document management?

A digital document management system offers companies many advantages, as it reduces costs, increases productivity and streamlines and thus optimizes work processes. But what exactly is a document management system? And what can it actually do for you and your company to make the integration and the associated effort worthwhile for you?


Document management system

What you can expect from the DMS Guide

In just under 20 pages, you will learn everything you need to know about digital document management in a compact and informative way. We focus on the various facets and border areas of the topic, such as the automation of work processes through digital workflows.

The following contents await you:

  • What is digital document management?
  • What functions should a DMS contain?
  • What advantages can you expect?
  • What should you consider when choosing a DMS provider?
  • How do you implement the software?
  • FAQ with compact answers to all important questions

Download e-book now

Download our free guide now. Find out what companies should know about digital document management in a clear presentation and lay the foundations for the successful digitalization of your business. The e-book is part of the official dataglobal Group Guide series, which will be continued each quarter. Tip: Are you already familiar with our Digital Workplace Guide?


Text excerpt from the DMS-Guide

Implementation of the DMS

You have decided on a DMS and now it’s time to implement it in your company. Of course, it is in your interest that the roll-out should take place as quickly as possible and only cause minimal disruption to ongoing operations .

First, relevant files from the paper archive are digitized by scanning and saving them. Depending on the scope, you can call in internal staff or commission an external service provider. The scanned documents are added in their electronic form to the files that are already in the system. All files are now indexed and archived so that you can then work with them optimally. (…)


Training courses

Once the DMS has been successfully implemented, all documents are now available digitally, structured and archived in an audit-proof manner depending on the document type and requirements. This is already a big and important step towards the “workplace of the future” in your company, of which you can be proud.

Now is the time to get your employees on board. If you have an internal IT expert, they should be able to Role of the Multipliers and carry out training courses for the workforce – normally he has already done this himself. a training course with the respective DMS provider so that he is well acquainted with the software and the associated functions, to instruct colleagues. Ideally, your multiplier will also be directly on site if you have any questions or problems when using the system. However, if you do not have your own IT staff in-house, request external personnel from the DMS provider to carry out the training(s) for you. If you have any queries during operation that cannot be resolved by your employees themselves, please contact your provider’s support team.

One of the main reasons for possible resistance to the introduction of a DMS is the fear of not being able to cope with the change and missing the boat. You can counter such irrational fears by offering training, listening to your employees’ concerns and declaring your aim to take all colleagues with you on this journey.

Good to know: Some DMS solutions are so user-friendly and intuitive to use that training costs are reduced , saving you time and money. Some software can even be integrated into the conventional Windows system and folder structure so that the user has practically no need to get used to working with a DMS.


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